Editorial Advisory Board

George H. Friedman


Peter R. Boutin

Keesal Young & Logan

Roger M. Deitz

Distinguished Neutral
CPR International Institute

Paul J. Dubow

Arbitrator • Mediator

Constantine N. Katsoris

Fordham University
School of Law

Theodore A. Krebsbach

Murphy & McGonigle

Christine Lazaro

Professor of Law/
Clinic Director
St. Johns Law School

Deborah Masucci

Independent Arbitrator
and Mediator

William D. Nelson

Lewis Roca Rothgerber

Robert W. Pearce

Robert Wayne Pearce, P.A.

David E. Robbins

Kaufmann Gildin & Robbins LLP

Richard P. Ryder

President & Founder,
Securities Arbitration

Ross P. Tulman

Trade Investment Analysis

James D. Yellen

J.D. Yellen & Associates


The Editorial Advisory Board functions in an advisory capacity to the Editor. Editorial decisions concerning the Securities Arbitration Alert are not the responsibility of the Board or its members; nor are the comments and opinions expressed in the newsletter necessarily the views of the Board, any individual Board member, or any organization with which they may be affiliated.