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About Security Arbitration Alert

Introduced in 1999 as a weekly supplement to the ground-breaking print newsletter, Securities Arbitration Commentator (“SAC”), the Securities Arbitration Alert was and remains the only weekly online periodical to focus exclusively on the practice and process of securities and commodities arbitration. This link-rich publication reports on events and developments, rule changes, tactical matters, noteworthy Awards and arbitration case law within a financial services context. Read and appreciated by practitioners, experts, and arbitrators all around the nation and the world, the weekly Securities Arbitration Alert overtook the print periodical in popularity and, after 30-plus years of publication, the SAC newsletter’s content was merged into the weekly online publication’s in early 2020. Today’s Alert follows on that tradition and hosts the following features and sections:

  • Twice each quarter, we publish a “Feature Article” of interest to our readers.
  • The “Squibs” section has items we’ve covered in depth.
  • As the name implies, “Short Briefs” consists of a paragraph describing each item.
  • “Articles of Interest” contains short blurbs on articles relating to litigation and securities dispute resolution, from both the law journals and the newsstands. Readers may click on the links for more information.
  • “Quick Takes” are really short descriptions of court cases or arbitration awards we think readers may wish to explore further (using links we provide).
  • “Did You Know” offers a nugget of info on something we learned while preparing the Alert.
  • As needed, we will publish letters-to-the-editor and errata.